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   Adventures listed here can either be a side encounter or a full adventure (with maps and such).

   As much information is given so the adventure applies to 2E and 3E. Please do not distribute our adventures on other web sites without the author's permission, you may link to them though.

   We gathered as much information about other free adventures as we could. We don't guarantee the quality of other authors adventures but at least you know where to get them. We tried to place the link as close to the adventure source as possible. If there are any dead links or additions you wish to add to the list email us.

WOTC Archive of free adventures
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Adventures by Our Site ©2001

The Betrayal, (4th to 6th level by Al Sousa ©2001)

Adventures by Other Authors

The Chariot of Tanith Ebar by Mark Theurer
Cliffhangers: WOTC
Fight Club: WOTC
Free Original Adventures: WOTC
Manor Born Adventure by Craig M Borri ZIP 63 Kb
Map a Week: WOTC
Oriental Adventures (literally)
Perilous Portals Archive: WOTC
Random Encounter: WOTC
The RPG Archive (huge)
Web Enhancements: WOTC
Winners Pack: Citizen Games
Wyrms of the North Archive: WOTC


Wagon Ambush (1st to 3rd level by Steve Clower ©2000)
Cruelly Used (3rd to 5th level by Steve Clower ©2000)
Goblin Encounter (1st level by David Eye)
Orc Patrol ZIP 1400Kb (3rd to 5th level by Curt L Carbonell)

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Adventures: up to 10th
Adventures: up to 12th
Adventures: 13th and up

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