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Dungeons and Dragons Adventures
Tomb of Horrors
Dwellers of the Forgotten City
Web D&D Adventures


3E Class Creation (ZIP 128 Kb)
Adventuring Architecture
Adventure Idea Generator (13,824 ideas) by MindWanderer (WOTC)
Alignment Explained in Layman's Terms
All You Need Is Lovecraft: How to "Cthulhu Up" Your Dungeons
Attacks of Opportunity (ZIP 525 Kb)
Called Shots
Character Maximizing (ZIP 26 Kb)
Character Challenges
Check your personal stats
D&D 3E Frequently Asked Questions
Expanding Your Mind: Damage Control for Psionics
Construct Feats and Items
Frequently asked questions for 3E (548 Kb ZIP)
Gaming Stories
Introduction to 3E
Not Quite 101 Uses for a Crysmal
Whats Wrong with Online RPGs?
Parody of D&D Adventures Female Gamer of the Month
PC Planning by Eric Riml
Playing Monsterous Heros
Playing Monsters
Plots for DMs
Prestige class listing from all sources
Spell Casters vs Warriors
Troublesome Players
You know your GM is Evil when
The Whitehouse behind the scenes
WOTC Archive

Articles from the WOTC Forum (Regdar's Repository)

Observations on the CR System
Classes, Prestige Classes, and Internal Balance
Clear Answer for Paladins
Nature of Evil
Low Magic D&D Made Fun and Easy For Everyone
Role Playing the Bottom Three


Official WOTC Errata for all books
Conversions from 3E books to 3.5E
3.5 Accessory update for old 3E.
Adventures and Campaigns
Defenders of the Faith
Dungeon Master's Guide
Epic Level Handbook
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Errata 2E
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Errata 3E
Magic of Faerun (ZIP 161 Kb)
Major Changes 3E to 3.5E
Monster Manual (ZIP 133 Kb Latest one!)
Oriental Adventures
Player's Handbook
Player's Handbook FAQ
Player's Handbook Glossary (869 Kb)
Player's Handbook Insert (129 Kb)
Psionics Handbook
Sword and Fist (ZIP 112 Kb)


Official D&D Game Rule FAQ Update
WOTC 3E FAQ as of 8/25/2002
Player's Handbook FAQ (ZIP 584 Kb)
Epic Level Handbook) FAQ

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