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   Below are some campaign ideas, materials to start a campaign, and a full campaign ready to go. Any submissions would be appreciated.

D&D Adventures Campaigns ©2001 

   This campaign is constantly being updated so keep checking in. We hope to bring you plenty of new material over time.

The Mask Campaign ©2001
by Al Sousa & Steven Clower
To Serve Evil ©2006
by Al Sousa

Masks of Destiny campaign overview
Romantic Sub Plots
Masks of Destiny history

1a: The Beginning
1b: The Ambush
2a: Meeting of the Fates
2b: Encounter at King's Reach
2c: Frostbite
2d: The Frozen Caves
2e: The Underground River
3a: Plague of the City
3b: Fear and Loathing
3c: Bait
3d: Hook, Line, and Sinker
3e: The Final Conflict
4a: Dylan Again
4b: The Trail of Edmund Vargus
4c: Harken and Blackthorn
4d: Big Boats and the Open Sea
4e: Into the Castle
5a: Under the Sea
5b: First Blood
5c: Temple of the Sahuagin
5d: Captures
6a: Lily's Prisoners
6b: Land of the Golems
6c: The Lost Temple
6d: Obstacle Course
6e: Zombie Ship
6f: Epilogue
7a: Home Again
7b: Doing the Dishes
7c: BOOM!
7d: More Fun in Town
8a: Off to the Mountains
8b: Neither Rain, nor Wind, nor Big ol' Monsters...
8c: Bogeyman?
8d: Dark, Wet, and More Wet
8e: Dry Finally... For Now
9a: Shaving Day
9b: Negotiations
9c: Combat by Lamp Light
9d: Ambush
9e: Lookout!
9f: One More Trick to Play
10a: Map Problems
10b: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
10c: 3 Caves and Trying to Out Think the DM.
10d: Knock Knock!
10e: Dancing with Drow
10f: Tseng Tomb
11a: What Now?
11b: The Moaning Forest
11c: The Dig Site
11d: The Dungeon
12a: All That for Nothing #1
12b: All That for Nothing #2
12c: Return of Charilus
13a: Xoth's Destiny #1
13b: Xoth's Destiny #2
13c: Xoth's Chamber
13d: A Battle with Time
Final Words: Final Encounter and Beyond

To Serve Evil overview
To Serve Evil history



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Legend of Creation by Julie Dawson (nice idea and god setting)
MUN Campaign setting SCI-FI 3E (Zip 536 Kb)
The Realm of Rhainne
Savage Coast (ZIP 577 Kb)
Sutenlund (ZIP 471 Kb) by Shiva
Umbragia (ZIP 1717 Kb)
Draconspire Realm
The World of Tré
Zympth (ZIP 3Mb) by Occult Entertainment

WOTC Campaign Material
Living Greyhawk Archive
City Walls, Intact and Ruined foldup paper models

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