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Magic Items

   Here are some of the magic items we created. Some beneficial and some insidiously evil. Use discretion when giving out magic items, they may be hazardous to the DMs health.

Magic Items by Our Site ©2001
Potions and Scrolls

Himbda Scroll
Potion of Revival
Potion of Miracles
Vial of Abyssal Repulsion

Ring, Rod, Wand, Staff

Fortune's Finder (Mask Campaign)
Ring of Karric
Sea's Breath

Miscellaneous Items

Amulet of the Dead
Cloak of Fuer
Black Eye of Denar
The Diadochus
Grimstone's War Horn
Lenses of Invisibility Detection (Mask Campaign)
Orb of the Kwakosal by Al Sousa
The Masks of Destiny (Mask Campaign ©2001)
Ring of Hadrec
Robe of Curses (Mask Campaign)
Scarab of Ashkur


Kin Slayer
Kuluk's Skull Splitter by Al Sousa
Shark's Tooth
Soul Leech
Sword Of Methane Detection
Velvet Fist


Bracers of Nimial
Jaspar Helm of Nefatror

Magic Items by Other Sites
Half-plate of Hennick (Boomer Jer)
Netbooks and Other Stuff
Gallery of Magical Blades (ZIP 762 Kb)
Sand and Sun: Magic Items of the Desert
WOTC new magic items (ZIP 63 Kb)
Potions and Scrolls
Potion of Sloth: by Dan Cohen
Ring, Rod, Wand, Staff

Demon Staff: (Dan Cohen)
Flint Ring (Boomer Jer)
Ring of Blood (Trevor Roach)
Ring of Blood Lust (Rob Newman)
Ring of Chanced Swimming (Rob Newman)
Staff of Memphit Summoning (Boomer Jer)
Wand of Water Blast: (Dan Cohen)


Adaga (Julie Dawson)
Agriv (Unknown)
Alavandra (Ben Ericson)
Arrows of Clear Path (Bret Gilley)
Arrows of Fireburst (Jeremy Smith)
Blowgun of Lolth's spiders: (Dan Cohen)
Brustak's Bow (Duston L Justice)
Dwarven War Axes of Loyalty (John C. Feltz)
Faergrun the Wyrmslayer (Jean-Paul Pare')
Firestar (by unknown)
Graveblade (Jeremy Kiesel)
Han's Red Shear (Alex AnHa)
Hortac's Staff (Jeremy Kiesel)
Kirella's Bane (Julie Kirklin)
Morning Star (Michael C.)
Moonstaff (ZIP 86 Kb)
Neptune's Curse by ??
Singe (Jon Woll)
Trevok's Blade of Rust (Rob Newman)
The Wanderer’s Staff (Julie Kirklin)
Vine Arrows (Jamie White)

Miscellaneous Items

Acrobat's Slippers (John C. Feltz)
Acrobat's Staff (John C. Feltz)
Bird Rock (Tom Pappas)
Bones of Casting: (Dan Cohen)
Cloak of the Servant
Crown of Leadership (Kurtis Swekla)
Girdle of Gond (Boomer Jer)
Gloves of Writing (Boomer Jer)
Mortician's Cloak (Kurtis Swekla)
MTG to D&D Convertions by Matt Schraeder ZIP 453Kb
Nature's Bracers (Boomer Jer)
Necklace of Mirages (Kurtis Swekla)
Necklace of Nine Lives (Kurtis Swekla)
Necklace of Recall (Boomer Jer)
Nightmare Cloak (Cindy Boswell)
Nullstone (Burke)
Orb of Ba'shee (Artifact) by Nick Fagerlid
Rod of Continuous Light (Ryan Pinks)
Rope of the Master (Kurtis Swekla)
Sather's Vest (Boomer Jer)
Sky Gnome Devices (Kirk Hone) ZIP 26Kb
Tomb of Madness by Rowan H. Toohey
Voodoo Armband Gris-Gris: (Dan Cohen)
Wings of the Fallen Vulture: (Dan Cohen)

Non Magic Items

Assassin's Ring (Boomer Jer)
Frizzy's Burst-Fire Crossbow by Dave Brown
Grimward's Backpack by Jason MacKinnon
Theif Arrows
Weapons and Enchantments (ZIP 16 Kb) by Wiebe Haanstr

Item Enchantments
Armor and Weapon (Wiebe Haanstra)


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