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MUD Directories
(Multi User Dungeons)

   A Multi User Dungeon is an online text game similar to D&D. You build levels and skills. All encompass some sort of world and other live players within. Some are know to have as many as 500 people on at once with over 10,000 areas. Lots of fun and addicting. The best part about a MUD is that almost all of them are FREE to play.

MUD Directories

Mudbytes: MudBytes is a MUD code repository and games list dedicated to offering the MUD community a free and open place to exchange ideas, share snippets, release codebases, post articles and promote and discuss text games.

MUD Lists: A web portal linking you to hundreds of FREE on-line fantasy and sci-fil roleplaying games.

The Mud Connector: TMC has been serving the mud community since 1994 with its extensive and searchable database of text-based and graphical mud listings (MMORPGs), active discussion forums, a mud players' directory, user-expandable resource center and much more.

Top MUD Sites: Searchable directory of MUDs. View the top MUDs and participate on the forum.

Name Host Theme Port
Bleached InuYasha Galaxy biyg.org Anime 1801
4 Dimensions 4dimensions.org Multi Dimensions 6000
6 Dragons 6dragons.org Medieval 4000
DB:Infinity dbinfinity.bounceme.net DBZ 4000
End Of Time eotmud.com Final Fantasy 4000
Godwars 2 godwars2.org Godwars 3000
The Realms of the Dragon mud.rod.org D&D 3000
AnsalonMUD ansalonmud.com Dragon Lance D&D 8679
ArcticMUD mud.arctic.org Dragonrealms 2700

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