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Places and Traps

   The statue that's just not right, the rug strategically placed, the ominous door at the end of the corridor. What tricks and traps do they all hold. I'll tell you, its a nasty one.

   As careful as players are adventuring there will always be that stupid fool who pressed the big red button or bashed through a door blindly. For those of you who this is in reference, the DMs applaud you, while the other players want to strangle you. We put together some of the hair raising traps and rooms that made our life hell. Some so simple, and some so complex. All of them do what they are intended to, get characters killed.

New 7/7/2006: I will adding new places and dungeons with desctriptions as a resource for DMs.


WOTC Map Gallery
Dwarven Mine
Wizard/Lich Lair

Dwarven Mine ZIP 58Kb (map & desc), Map only
Drow Outpost
Island of Eternal Vigilance
King's Reach
Land's Edge
Land's Edge Castle
Lair of the Lich by Micheal K. Tumey
Marble Halls Dungeon by Jeffrey A DeWolfe
Sahuagin Underwater Temple
The Baths Atlas Games
Scurvytown Green Ronin
Nexus Archanus Plane (ZIP 8 Kb) by Wiebe Haanstr
Wiz/Lich Lair ZIP 48Kb (map & desc), Map only

Not a Trapped Door

Book of Tricks and Traps (ZIP 9 Kb)
Coffin of Acid
Gaseous Doom by ?
Ghoul Trap
Pit of Surprises
Stone Guardian by Steve Carmichael
Stone Wedge by ?


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