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Dungeons and Dragons Adventures
Tomb of Horrors
Dwellers of the Forgotten City
Web D&D Adventures

Life Threatening Level Adventures
"Save at -4 or be Disintegrated..."
Name Level

The 13 Hearts of Khumiramir

13-15 3E
An Unexpected Visitor Drops In
18 3E
Codex of Rigal
by Art (ZIP 1.5 MB)
High? 3E
*Cough*, I Feel *Cough* Great!
14 3E
A Frigid Demise
WOTC Free Original Adventure

The Gaunt Man's Stew

12-13 3E
An Icy Heart (ZIP 525 Kb)
Wizard of the Coast
12-14 3E

Points of Possession

13 3E
Question of Religion III (ZIP 2.5Mb) by Wez Mond (website)
12-16 3E
S1 Tomb of Horrors (ZIP 112 Kb)
Enworld Conversions
10-14 3E

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