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History of The Agathox

...Tannibus accepted his fate. His own morals and righteous values were the catalyst for his imprisonment on the plane of the un-life. It took almost all his godly power to resist being consumed by the darkness that bound him. It would be a very long time before he could possibly escape. His jailor had gotten the better of him and now could destroy the known world of man and the remaining lessor gods. Tannibus could only hope the other gods would challenge their oppressor, the god of hate, evil, and darkness, known to all as Agathox...

... Agathox underestimated the lessor beings he had formed from the most evil of mortals, giving a part of himself to empower them. The minor gods of death, greed, war, and dominance joined with the good gods to vanquish Agathox. The betrayal outraged the god of ultimate evil but ironically he understood why. The destruction of the known realm would destroy all the gods as well, including the ones he gave life to. Agathox had all of eternity to consider this as the final enchantment to imprison him was woven. His form began to solidify as his own magic was turned against himself. Agathox had destroyed three of his opponents but they had tricked him, just as he with Tannibus. His petrifying body turned into a curled form, much as a baby in a mother's womb, never to wake, always to dream, never to return. The remaining gods cast out the stone form, that was Agathox, from their dimension into a place where there was no escape, no passage back. Agathox had one last chance to change his fate and altered the path of the spell from within his final prison. He was cast elsewhere, in another world. He would wait till he was awakened and wreck destruction on all...

   Tannibus and Agathox were formed from nothingness to create their dimension. They have always existed from the start to the conclusion of their universe even though it has no beginning nor no end. Each are too powerful to destroy each other. Tannibus is the god of all things good and all acts of goodness. He is never sad, never in pain, never selfish, and always pleasant. He gives and creates attempting to make the universe better for all. It was he who created man and stripped him of god like powers so that man may never be corrupt and can appreciate life around him. The only thing man had was immortality as long as he wanted it.

   Agathox was ultimate evil, pain, selfishness, jealousy, and suffering. Agathox was always in pain, mentally and physically for eternity. His powers came from this pain. The more pain he suffered the more his power was. He could choose to reduce the pain but never end it. His goal was to end the known universe, thus ending himself, and ending his pain. It was he who stripped man of his immortality so he may suffer pain, fear, and face death. It was he who have man all his vices, greed, selfishness, and jealousy. "No mortal will live like a god as long as I suffer."

   Both gods created from the strongest of mortals the lessor gods to control specific minor domains and to keep an eye on each other's deeds. Their universe was balanced until Agathox imprisoned Tannibus. As a result, all of the lessor gods they both created turned on Agathox and imprisoned him before he could destroy the known universe. The lessor gods were to cast Agathox from their realm never to return. Both greater gods are now imprisoned with only the lessor gods to rule the realm.

   Tannibus still remains imprisoned to this day with little hope of escape for thousands of years. Agathox redirected his imprisonment travel from a dimension of eternal nothingness to the world known to the players. Agathox's goal is to gain enough strength to break the imprisonment spell so he may to destroy existence freeing himself of his suffering.

   In the player's realm Agathox, and his real nature, are unknown to all but a handful of scholars and wizards. He appears as a finely shaped granite block 5' x 5' that is concave on top to hold water. The whole of the block is carved with rough surfaces and when one takes in the whole view of the stone its shape resembles a curled up bipedal being, race unknown. This form is known as The Agathox Sculpture, or simply The Agathox.


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