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Siege Basilisk
By Someone
Hit Dice 2E/3E 6d8 / 6d10+12

The Siege Basilisk is a common "pet" of the underdark. Bred and rasied by many denizens of the underdark as first strike weapons...the beasts are trained to charge into a battle and fight to the death, or until there are no more enemies to fight.

Despite their viciousness in battle, the creatures are quite easy to tame, and are rather docile for their masters, being naturally lazy, the beasts are content to be fed and sheltered until the next battle. Inciting the creatures to battle is accomplished by inserting a wax rod into the creatures anus. The rod is composed of wax and special underdark herbs that increase the speed, strength, and stamina of the beast...it causes no harm other than the normal discomfort one would expect from having a wax rod in the anus.

Armor Class 2E/3E 1 / 19 (+10 Natural, -1 DEX)
Movement 2E/3E 12" / 30'
Climb for 3" / 10'
Initiative +3
Face/Reach 5ftx5ft/5ft
2E THAC0 / Attacks 10 / 1
3E Attack Bonus +10 (+6, +4 STR)

2d8 (+4 STR)

Special Attacks flesh to stone @ 30 feet, gaze, save DC 13
Special Defense None
Magic Resistance none
Size 8' long L
Moral 18
Alignment Neutral
XP 1200
Challenge Rating 6
Stats Skills/Feats
STR 18

Hide +0
Llisten +7
Sspot +7

G reat fortitude
Iiron will
Great leap ( + 20 to jump check )
Power attack

CON 16
CHA 10
COM  4
For Save +9
Ref Save +4
Wil Save +9

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