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Female Gamer of the Month
December 2009



Noelle's Bio


I'm Noelle from Wisconsin.  I've only been playing D&D for a year, and I so wish I would have started sooner!   I play a 9th level elf rogue, 2nd level shadow dancer, and  a 1st level fighter all rolled into one.  I'm chaotic nuetral with very evil tendencies :).  I would best describe my character (Zashi) as sneaky, greedy, and mischevious. I intimidate and bluff the crap out of everyone to get what I want.  I can hide in plain site, climb up walls (did I mention I have a cloak of Vampire), and my sneak attack is destructive.  I play fair (for the most part), but if the people I play with start telling me what to do or just really piss me off then I usually either pick pocket or intimidate them.  I also can't help that I am attracted to the idea of becoming a vampire...queen of the vampires, that is.... but our DM says that there is no way for me to be a vampire and not be completely evil.  I just want to suck people's blood and mesmerize people into doing what I want....a girl can dream.  If you have any tips let me know! 


   If you are interested in becoming the female gamer of the month drop us an email me. Send us a photo and a bio on your gaming history. Gamers love to hear that women play too.

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