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Lenses of Invisibility Detection
by Steven Clower

   These lenses were originally crafted for a successful street merchant by a local wizard he paid. The merchant always had problems with invisible thieves and wanted something that he could use to spot them with. "Those damn inviz potions are so easy to buy, curse the wizard bastard who brews them..."

   Uknown to the merchant was that the same wizard that made the lenses was supplying the potions to the thieves. Eventually the merchant lost the lenses in a game of chance to a warrior named Blackthorn.

   These fine lenses appear to the user as nothing more than a set of modern day contact lenses. They are placed over the eyes of the wearer. As a side effect the lenses make the wearer appear to have eyes of golden color.

Abilities: They allow the wearer to see invisible beings and objects. The lenses may only be worn for 2 hours a day before they start irritating the wearer's eyes. Eventually, within 4 hours, the wearer won't be able to see for a day if he does not remove the lenses. If they are worn for a full day the wearer will become permanently blind.


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