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Dylan (Mask Campaign)
STR 13 Neutral Evil
Human Warrior
long sword,
heavy crossbow
INT 15 Level: 6
WIS 11 HP: 36 (42 3E)
DEX 16 Proficient: long sword, dagger, heavy crossbow

Specialized: long  sword, 2 weapon style

CON 13
CHA 13
COM 13
For Save +6

2E Attack: 15 (+1 long sword)
3E Attack:
+7/+2 (+1 STR)

2E Damage: dagger (1d4), long sword (1d8 +2 Spec)
3E Damage:
dagger (1d4 +1 STR),
long sword(1d8 +1 STR, +2 Spec)

2E AC: 3 (chainmail, DEX +2)
3E AC: 19 (chainmail, DEX +3, dodge +1)

Ref Save +5
Wil Save +2
Skills and Feats Climb +6, Jump +5, Handle Animal +4, Ride +9, Swim +4, Intimidate +4, Sense Motive +2
Weapon Spec, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Dodge, 2 Weap, Ambidex

   Dylan is in the employ of Baron Ganth. He has been charged with finding the Masks of Destiny for him. Dylan is a typical power hungry bully. The baron pays him well to kill, steal, and torture. He is also practical though a bit of a coward. He does not want anyone else to know this of course, so he covers up his perceived shortcomings with threats and boasts.

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