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Rock to Magma
By Robert Lutein
 School  Trans. Elemental
 (Earth, Fire)

   This spell transforms the top 1 inch of rock to magma. This transmutation will not destroy the rock or any rock beneath this 1 inch thickness. The caster must concentrate and have one hand always touching the rock while the spell is in effect.

   The spell will begin to heat up the rocks slowly altering the temperatures on the rock surface to unpleasent degrees.

   Subjects making a reflex save may use their movement to get out of the heated rocks only taking 1/2 damage. If the save fails they take full damage and fall on the heated rocks. A save must be made every round a subject is in the affected area. Subjects not in or having light foot wear make a save at -2. Damage is done at the start of every combat round.

Damage after spell is completed per round:

1st rd: 1d4 per caster level
2nd rd: 1d6 per caster level
3rd rd: 1d8 per caster level
4th rd: 1d10 per caster level
5th rd or beyond: 1d12 caster per level

 Level  6 Drd, Sor, Wiz
 Components  V,S
 1 round
 Range  touch
 Area  5' arc / lvl
 Duration  1r / lvl
 Save  See text
 Resistance  No

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