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Soul Bind
School Necromancy

   Through the use of this spell the caster binds the souls of a recently dead and intelligent creature (1 day per level of caster) back into its body. This body can then be animated with an animate dead spell. The resulting undead rises as a zombie with the full memories and skills (i.e. class and level) that it has in life.

   This zombie is completely bound to the will of the caster but is otherwise capable of its own decisions. Such a zombie does not heal normally and if destroyed is permanently destroyed without hope of resurrection. The caster cannot bring back any creature of higher level than himself.

   To return a soul bind creation back to natural life a resurrection spell is needed to be done on the recipient. The recipient must still be a zombie when this happens. Note: This should be an NPC spell only.

Level 5 Sor, Wiz
Components V,S,M
Casting Time 10 minutes
Range Touch
Target 1 corpse
Duration Permanent
Save None
Resistance None

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