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News: I simply couldn't help myself on this one, I had to make one. Enjoy the D&D meme.

Dungeons and Dragons Meme

News 9/15: New female gamer I guess for the year? I'll change it to Female Gamer of the Website. Got not much going on. I just keep adding submissions as they come in to keep this site as a repository of information. We moved to San Francisco and we are loving it here. Not enough time for anything with my 3 year old though.

Female Gamer of the site Megan
Dungeon Maker by Shawn Overcash
RPG Manager (download) by Flavio Roli

News 12/7: New short story and we have one final Female Gamer of the month for 2009 Noelle. Have a happy holidays.

On a side note I have been lacking on this site. After my son was born I have zero time to do anything. He is one spirited boy. So I am looking for people who are interested in contributing to the website or even adding material directly to the web folders. It will be a labor of love but if you are interested email me. I would have final say on uploads of course.

Short Stories
Portrait of Vengeance by Robert Bryant

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News 8/20: Nothing new to report.
News 7/9: We got a late submission for female gamer of the month, Jerusha.

News 6/4: Rebecca is our female gamer of the month. Due to the site's previous website host completely screwing up the forum install we have lost all ranking in Google due to the loss of close to 1000 articles, games, and posts. So expect traffic to be down.

Rem Hitchcock's 3.5E D&D Suppliments:
Blind Swordsman (ZIP 42kb) Prestige Class
Spell/Turning Sheet (ZIP 7k Excel)
Danger Wayfarer (ZIP k) Prestige Class

News 5/1: No female gamer this month :( and Al turns 42 also :( I want to get younger not older.

4/7: New Female Gamer of the Month for April Cheney

News 3/26: Mud section updated

Name Host Theme Port
AnsalonMUD ansalonmud.com Dragon Lance D&D 8679

News 3/2: New female gamer Andrea.

Combat Tracker ZIP by Eduardo Moranchei (no AV done)
Monster Generator (website) by Paul Singleton

News 2/5: New female gamer Megyn but not much new to report.

News 1/8: Forums updated and working perfectly. Updated the MUD section.

News 1/6: New female gamer to kick off the new year Liz. New board is up. Please look there for details and under forum administration for instructions.

News 1/4: The board looks completely screwed up. Data I saved and double backed up won't load properly. Personally I am sick of Ikonboard. There are better ones. I am going to try again to fix this. If not I will put up a new board. The same people I had that terrible hosting service are the same people who made Ikonboard.
News 1/2: Got the board working then I messed it up. So I have to reinstall. Looks like Saturday.

News 1/1: Happy new year to everyone. As you all can see the server crashed for 5 days in a row. I am quite unhappy with the hosting company I picked. Same problem as last month (that took 4 days to fix). I email they dont reply, I phone them and its disconnected, I IM the owner who I see come online and get no response. I filed a complaint at Paypal and asked for my money back... of course the hosting company didn't reply. So there goes $200 down the drain. Now I am hosting on Godaddy and things went quite smooth. Tuesday I will place the forum back up. Yes I did backup the information. Today my son is home so I don't have 3 hours to spent fixing everything up.

Just a few lessons in life which hold true almost everytime. If its too good to be true, then its a lie.

Don't ever trust professionals. Do your own research.
Never pay a service with Paypal, pay it with a credit card.
If someone screws up at something thats really simple for what you hired them for, find someone else.

News 12/17: New files for you all.

Utilities for DMs and Player:
Character Sheet and Encounter Utility by Martin Actor
2E Character Spreedsheet by Kyle Johnstone

Werewolves of Hargaldor (ZIP 1.9MB) by Kris ?
Lair of Abrax the Skarily Evil (ZIP 1.8MB) by ?


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